The Wine Grower

Absolutely distinct and uncompromising wine making is deeply rooted in the soil and region" - that's what Gerhard PIMPEL's life revolves around. He is a man of few words, nonetheless or may be precisely why he unravels the mysteries of wine growing. A young wine grower by profession, he radiates poise, contemplation and decisiveness as we speak to him. He knows the relevance of the saying "power lies in tranquillity".

The winery is located between Neusiedlersee and the Danube River in Goettlesbrunn, the heart of the wine-growing area of Carnuntum. The bracing climate with its cool north-westerly winds promotes the growth of fruity white wines and deep red wines.

The philosophy of the wine grower is: first of all one must know the complex relationship between the climate and the soil.

The most important thing is the devotion and cooperation, but above all, family bonds and sense of tradition play a major role.